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Stainless Steel Crowns in Gordon

Stainless Steel Crowns for Kids

Stainless Steel Crowns are usually done for adult teeth, however, they are common with children as well. Reasons, why your child may need steel crowns, maybe due to decaying, trauma, gum disease or injury. As with all our dental treatments in Gordon Dental Clinic, we start with a thorough examination.
Steel crowns are a big advantage because it is cheap, avoids extractions and most importantly it restores the strength of the tooth.

Protect Those Precious Pearly Whites

Steel crowns act as a great alternative to tooth fillings because they have less chance of putting pressure on the weak tooth. You might be asking yourself why a crown is needed on teeth that are going to come out later? It’s important to have strong and healthy milk teeth because it allows for healthy adult teeth to grow.
Once it’s time for the adult tooth to start growing, the steel crown is taken off.
If you think your children may need steel crowns, book a consultation.

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