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Single Visit Crowns in Gordon

Restore and Maintain Your Smile in Just One Visit

A Single Visit Crown, also known as One Visit Crown (OVC) is a new dental technology used by dentists to restore teeth that are damaged, broken, decayed or aesthetically irregular.This advancement is quicker and more efficient than the traditional method of applying a regular crown, a long procedure that takes place over two or more appointments and involves wearing a temporary device before you get the real thing. The Single Visit Crown we use at Atria Dental® is tooth-coloured and has a very natural appearance. You can be assured that the results are high-quality and long-lasting.

Is a Single Visit Crown Suitable For Your Needs?

Single-visit crowns are not suitable for everyone. Your appointment will start with an initial consultation to assess your suitability. Alternatively, a regular crown or different treatment may be recommended. Consultation is quick and thorough, it may involve taking some scans but will not take a lot of time. If our dentists find that you are suited to a One Visit Crown, your crown, will be made then and there, at our clinic. You may wait for some minutes but once it is ready, your dentist will commence the procedure right away.

What to Expect?

Following your consultation, the dentist will prepare your tooth by filing it down and reshaping it as needed to fit your crown. This is not typically painful as your dentist will first ensure the area is numbed. Next, they will place the crown over the tooth and make adjustments so that it is fitted. You will receive guidance and care advice before you leave but other than that, you are done – all in a single day!

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