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Simple Complex Wisdom Tooth Removal in Gordon

We Can Treat Your Wisdom Tooth Pain Comfortably

If your wisdom teeth are causing you unwelcomed pain it may be time for its removal. At Atria Dental® Gordon, we carefully assess your teeth while making you feel comfortable throughout the whole experience. You can book an appointment to come on down to our clinic and one of our friendly dentists will be at your service.

What is Simple Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Simple Wisdom Tooth Removal is the most common form of wisdom tooth removal. They are clearly visible so it can be easily loosened and then simply extracted.

What is Complex Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Impacted wisdom teeth will require a complex extraction. Wisdom teeth become impacted when they are unable to grow properly due to insufficient room in the mouth. It can lead to other problems such as pain, overall functionality or even infection. If you are feeling any pain, we recommend you visit us at Atria Dental® for a consultation.

What is the Procedure?

  • A consultation with you about your problems and what your oral health goals are.
  • Examine the nature of your wisdom tooth. Is it complex or simple? Infected or Healthy?
  • If surgery is required, you will be sedated to ensure a smooth experience.
  • Once all aspects of the procedure is complete, we will educate you further on how you can limit infection and maintain good oral health
Book an appointment so our friendly staff can help you fix your wisdom tooth problem as soon as possible!

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