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Post Core Build Up in Gordon

Supporting Your Permanent Tooth Restoration

Post & Core Build-Up (Post and Core) is the procedure used to connect an endodontically treated tooth (root canal) to a crown. This procedure can save a severely damaged natural tooth from extraction and protect it from further damage, ensuring its longevity for years to come. Although Post and Core is a fairly common procedure, it is not always required after a root canal.

What To Expect

During a root canal, a portion of your tooth, infected tooth pulp and the tooth’s root is removed. In some cases, there is not enough of the tooth left intact to return it to regular function post-surgery.
When this happens, a post and core can be performed to keep a dental crown in place and to restore, or ‘build’ the missing portion of the tooth. Post and Core is a follow-up procedure, it is not performed in the same visit nor in any other circumstance.
During the procedure, your dentist places a post (reinforcement) inside the root treated tooth. This acts as a “post” for the core restoration which will support the dental crown.
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