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Bone Grafts in Gordon

What is Bone Grafting?

The purpose of bone grafting is to remove a piece of bone from another part of the patient’s body and transport it to another part of the body that requires it. In terms of dentistry, the bone is removed from the jaw and transported to another part of the jaw that needs implants.
Bone grafting creates a solid foundation to make the process of adding implants easier.
Bone grafts are typically conducted in the surgical procedure for dental implants.

Reasons Why Bone Grafting is Required

  • Secure base for implants
  • Avoids future deteriorating of the jaw bones
  • Can make the surrounding teeth stronger

What is Sinus Grafting?

Sinus grafting is similar to bone grafting and is involved in the implant procedure of the upper teeth.
Our Principal Dentist Dr Juzer Naseem is highly experienced in Bone Grafts/Sinus Grafts and patients are often referred to him by other general dentists in North Shore for grafting and dental implants placement.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, bone grafts usually have to heal 4 months before implants can be placed.
The swelling after a sinus list and bone graft in Gordon will be the greatest 2-3 days after surgery, and may remain for an additional 3 days before it starts to resolve.
At our Gordon dental clinic we may recommend bone/sinus grafting before implants if your jaw bone isn’t strong enough to hold dental implants.

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