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Baby Teeth Extractions in Gordon

Gentle Baby Teeth Extraction Services

We use tooth extraction as a procedure when the tooth is severely decayed and there are no other alternatives such as fissures sealants, crowns, space maintainers, or if it is the time for those wobbly deciduous teeth to come off leaving space for adult teeth to grow.
We use laughing gas to numb the area and minimise anxiety. We understand the thought that tooth extractions may be daunting for your child so it is our priority to make them feel at ease before the actual procedure.

What to Do After the Extraction?

  • Avoid eating until all numbness is gone
  • Carefully watch your child to make sure they do not put fingers and objects in their mouths. As well as, not sucking or biting their lips and cheeks.
  • Avoid hard, chewy foods and go towards soft nutritious items.
  • Encourage to chew on the opposite side of the extraction until mouth feels normal again.
  • Until mouth feels back to normal, rinse with lukewarm water, mixed with salt after each meal.
It is very important to us that your child has a safe experience once they are out of the clinic. After the procedure, our Gordon dentist will guide you further and answer any questions you may have.
To book a dental appointment for your child, contact us today at 02 4006 8310 or schedule an appointment online.

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